ORIANTHI (pronounced ‘oor-ee-uh) is an Australian rock star, multi talented singer and songwriter who has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide. In the early 1990s he formed the band Dokken with fellow Sunrays singer Dean Martin. The band’s unique sound and style made them a masterpiece to many music fans. Orianthi went on to play lead vocalist with numerous other artists including Michael Jackson and Alice Cooper.

ORIANTHI was also named one of the “100 best guitarists of the 1990s” by Entertainment Tonight. ORIANTHI is currently signed with Atlantic Records, and their self titled debut album was released in the United Kingdom in June of 1994. Orianthi later went on to sign a deal with Island/Universal, and their second album, Live in New York, was released in the United States in August of 1995.

The band’s most successful album to date, Thriller by Orianthi, was released in the U.S. in 2021. Orianthi played different venues around Australia, including the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Festival Theatre, as well as opening for superstar David Bowie at the Sydney Opera House. The band saw great success in the United States following the release of their Thriller album. The band was so popular that they were invited onto the cover of Time Magazine’s “100 Favorite Music Songs.” Their Thriller single, “The Way That I Knew,” was also listed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Orianthi was born on 22 January in Samoa. His real name is Aronnisios Perioli. According to his Wikipedia profile, he was “an Australian rugby player who pursued his musical career in the music industry in Sydney, performing with such diverse artists as the Rolling Stones, the Odesk Band, and Skid Row.” Orianthi was a member of the Skid Row crew.

Orianthi Panagaris was a talented performer. In his early days as a musician he was known for playing classical and hip-hop music, as well as being an accomplished singer, songwriter, and guitarist. It is unclear as to whether he was a member of any band, or simply a freelance singer/songwriter. What is clear is that Orianthi Panagaris was a talent in his own right, but was forced into a hiatus from music following an illness that claimed the life of his grandmother.

He returned to full form as an accomplished guitarist after recovering and released two more solo albums. One of them, Oxygen, managed to go straight to number one in the entire world, beating out Radiohead’s” Creep” by almost one minute. A year later the Australian guitarist returned with the equally successful Anoushka. The album propelled Orianthi Penny Panagaris back into the public eye, and he now has four studio albums to his credit, all of which have gone gold.

He has since then released an additional four singles, as well as working on a movie soundtrack and also a documentary. A music video for the single “Recliner” was even released, featuring Orianthi as an animated character. Orianthi was also featured in an episode of Australia’s Top Gear, which featured Matt Damon. You can also see him performing live in concert. He is still mostly active as an artist, though, despite having released several studio albums that achieved critical acclaim. Orianthi shares the spotlight quite frequently with fellow musicians from many different genres, including classical, pop, jazz, folk and most recently, death metal.

Orianthi shares the spotlight quite often with fellow musicians from many different genres, including classical, pop, jazz, folk and most recently, death metal. He is the guitarist for numerous renowned Australian bands, most notably the progressive metal band Kaleidoscope. You can find him performing with a variety of other groups in the world.

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