The French band La Roux has been known worldwide for their highly recognizable and high quality music. They gained international popularity in the 80’s with hits like I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles and Here Lies A Man. This band featured the singles We Are The World, Everybody’s Into Something, Take Me Home Tonight, Breathe and You’re The Only One I’ve Ever Had. Their music had a huge influence on the future of music. Many well-known musicians and groups have included their music in their own albums and songs. Following is an overview of this English band that features some of their best songs.

The band’s latest album is titled Memories Of You, La Roux will be out in March 2021. The band will be embarking on a European tour in support of the new album. During their first stop they will play in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Norway, Australia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Finland, Greece, Holland and Italy. Following this there will be additional dates in North America. La Roux has been quite successful touring and recording, so expect a very positive reaction to the new album from their fans.

The musical side of the duo consists of lead vocalist/songwriter, Elly Jackson and guitarists Ben Langmaid and Dan O’Brien. Ben was previously in the band Scissor Sisters but left in 1998. He is now signed to Virgin and has released a solo album called No Way Back. Elly also sings and writes for her husband, featuring on the track, My Life So Far. Ben’s other projects include the band Big Medicine, as well as having a starring role in the movie, Bridesmaids.

The second English Synth-pop act to feature on our list is English synth-pop group The Wonder twins. The band had only a handful of shows prior to the formation of their own self-titled album. They initially began playing at home parties and clubs. A few months later they started to play at small venues such as Basingstoke and Hampshire. The band gained further popularity when their single, Something Else by the name of Them, was released in early 2021, which went to number two in the UK.

The last band to feature is The Arctic Monkeys. The band’s self-titled debut album was released in early 2021 and went straight to number one in the charts. They have not given up since, touring constantly around the globe and sharing the album with various other groups. Guitarist and vocalist Alex Turner was nominated for a Grammys, whilst the band’s guitarist, singer and bass player Jamie Oliver won a Grammys for Best Original Song.

So, what about us Brits? Well, all we can say is… didn’t they already win the Grammys? Or at least the ones we saw them winning? Anyway, the band still has a lot of growing to do, including working on new material and a new album. They are also currently working on a full length album titled We Are All La Roux, due out in 2021.

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