When looking for artists that have influenced contemporary music there is no one better than Conor Oberst. Oberst has been nominated for multiple awards including a Polaris Award, a Grammy, a BET Award, a Brit Awards, the Academy Awards, and several others. The Polaris Awards are given out by a non-profit organization in America, whose motto is “no bias – no BS”. Conor Oberst has also won the BET Award for his song ‘Barry’. He has also received many other awards including the Beacon award for his music in the film Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer, as well as an Order of the British empire medal.

The opening song from Conor Oberst’s first album Ruminations is called Tachycardia and the words itself begins with the words “conan’s voice carries in my veins”. The title is taken from Conrad’s poem ‘The Day I Swapped My Dad for a White Rose’ where he compares his white rose to a Conch shell. In the chorus of Ruminations the title is repeated again ‘conan’s voice carries in my veins’, but this time in a different octave, which is a key feature of Oberst’s sound. The singer’s bright eyes look directly into the crowd as he belts out the first line from the first verse, “bright eyes like the ones you see in the street”. The first part of the song is repeated twice, while the second line is played twice.

In the third verse Oberst recites a short story about a girl named Ariel. The story follows Ariel’s dream where she sees her dead father on a cross. She wakes up in the present day with no memory of the night before. A mysterious stranger tells her that she has an imprinted soul trapped inside a glass box. After convincing Ariel to open the box, she finds that the “skinny little thing” inside is her famous grandmother. Oberst plays the haunting piano solo as the entire track is re-recorded with him on lead vocals.

The title of Oberst’s debut solo album comes from a quote from Maria Donegal who was active in the IRA in the 1970’s. She once said, “bright eyes like the sky is the sign of the artist”. Music does play a major part in how our minds work so if a musician can use music as a medium, then there is a huge chance that the artist will create something unique in the music industry.

The album includes music from around the globe. Two songs from Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, USA and Chile are included. The UK band The Arctic Monkeys also featured on this discography. The other artists that were featured on this album were The Killers, Rihanna, The Rolling Stones, Weezer and many others. The CD was released by Phestleven Recordings.

A week later on February 15th, Conor Oberst dropped his sophomore album called Endless River. It includes music from throughout the world. Music from the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and more. The music contains sounds of traditional instruments such as the fiddle, banjo, fiddle, guitar, harp, piano, violin and drums. It also includes an assortment of other genres such as soul, folk, blues, hip hop, jazz, metal, techno, punk, ambient, and more.

After the breakup of The Beatles, Neil Young decided to create a new band called Conseco. Neil also wanted to do a concept album about the rock music scene in the early seventies. However, he didn’t want to be named Nehru. One of the early songs on the Conseco album was titled” Nehru”, which was later changed to” Nehru’s Ball”, because it was Neil Young’s interpretation of what an album should sound like. A few months later” Nehru’s Ball” was finally released, as it became a worldwide sensation and was number one on the charts.

As of this writing, Conseco has yet to release anything else. He is currently working on a possible screenplay based on the life of lead vocalist Neil Young. He has written several screenplays and will likely continue to write and produce television shows and movies for many years into the future. There is no word on whether or not Conor Oberst will be involved with the project.

Finally, there is another artist that has released an album within the last two weeks. That artist is Conor Oberst. The singer/songwriter has released a single called “Euphoria”. It was produced by local Omaha, Nebraska band called Sleepwounds and featured guest vocals from former Dinosaur Puppies member, Timotheus Busenham-Blomberg. Conor Oberst has also released songs with bands such as Big G andleepy onstage as well as producing music for several movies, commercials and music videos. No word on whether or not he plans to release any of his music during the upcoming year.